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Club Competition Rules


1. Open Competitions comprise three classes: Monochrome Prints, Colour Prints and Digitally Projected Images (DPIs).

2. A Monochrome Print entry is a black and white image or one which has been modified by the addition of a single tone to the entire image. It must adhere to the FIAP definition of Black and White Photography (a work ranging from very dark grey/black to very clear grey/white or one toned in a single colour; the addition of partial toning or one colour makes the work a Colour Print.)

3. Up to two entries may be submitted in any one class.

4. Each class must have received at least seven entries for that class to be submitted to the judge. If fewer than seven Monochrome or Colour Prints are received, all prints will be judged together as one class.

5. Entries to the First and Second Open Competitions must have been taken within three years of the start of the current club season. Entries to the Third and Fourth Open Competitions may be any age.

6. No entry should have been submitted more than twice. If an entry has been placed Gold, Silver or Bronze in a previous competition it is not eligible for entry again. Highly Commended and Commended entries may be submitted at a later competition.

7. Work produced by digital imaging is acceptable in all classes and competitions, providing the work has a photographic derivation and is the work of the submitting photographer.

8. Trade printing is allowed in all classes, but in every other respect the print or DPI must be the original work of the competitor.

9. All prints must be a minimum of 20 x 15 cm and must be mounted to a size not exceeding 50 by 40 cm.

10. A mounted print or DPI may contain only one processed photograph, i.e. no diptychs or triptychs unless otherwise stated for a particular competition.

11. Monochrome and Colour Prints must bear the member's club number and the image title written on the back of the mount. Nothing should be written on the front of the mount. The photographer's name should not be visible on the image or the mount.

12. Each competition will be judged, as far as possible, by an independent qualified judge. At the Committee's discretion, or by previous agreement, other judging conditions may be used.

13. During print competitions a copy of each print will be projected to give the audience a better view while at the same time the judge is displaying and discussing the print. Judges are expected to judge the print, not the DPI of it.

14. In all classes Gold, Silver, Bronze, Highly Commended and Commended will be awarded at the discretion of the judge for up to one-third of the entries, with any number of each award.

15. All entries for either print or DPI classes in Open Competitions are entered using the online PhotoEntry program. Link to instructions on using PhotoEntry in Club Info: click here

16. Print entries must be brought to the meeting and all DPIs uploaded to PhotoEntry by the stipulated entry date for the competition.


1. This Competition is a DPI only entry. Six entries are allowed - three flora and three fauna. The two categories will be judged separately.

2. Titles are compulsory and should consist of the subjects' English names only. Entries should depict flora and fauna found in the wild in the British Isles.

3. Photographs of animals which are domesticated and photographs of cultivated or hybrid plants are ineligible. Animals in controlled sites (e.g. cages, zoos, fenced) are not acceptable, except for raptors in flight displays.

4. Images entered in the British Wildlife Competition have some limits on the post-processing allowed. These are explained on both the RPS and WCPF websites, but essentially no techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove pictorial elements except by cropping are permitted. Techniques that enhance the presentation without changing the nature story or without altering the content are permitted, including HDR, focus stacking and dodging/burning. Techniques that remove elements added by the camera such as dust spots and digital noise are allowed.

5. The OPEN COMPETITIONS rules (with the exception of 3) apply to the British Wildlife Competition, and photographs must have been taken within the last 3 years.

6. The British Wildlife Competition is entered using the online PhotoEntry program. See instructions below on how to enter using PhotoEntry. (Google ‘PhotoEntry login’ for website access).

7. Entries must be uploaded to PhotoEntry by the stipulated entry date.


Throughout the year the club may hold internal competitions judged by members, usually on a set subject. The club programme will identify the format of each competition and whether entries are requested for Monochrome Prints, Colour Prints or DPIs or any combination of these. Normally members are asked for up to three entries (the programme will set out any changes to this number). There is no age limit on entries, i.e. the three year rule does not apply to internal competitions. These competitions will normally be entered using PhotoEntry.


Usually members may enter up to two AVs, but this number may be waived if there are few entries. Each should be no more than 7 minutes long, and supplied on a CD or Flash Drive ready for transfer to hard disk. All entries must be the original work of the member. Credit should not be given to the music nor to the musicians. Members showing AVs are encouraged to purchase a Sound Copyright license from IAC (Film and Video Institute).


The club is a member of the Western Counties Photographic Federation and participates in both WCPF competitions and competitions with other clubs. Selections for KDCC entries to outside competitions are made from the bank of members’ club competition entries. Permission for use is automatically given by a member on entry to KDCC competitions.