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NEW MARCH 2019: How to enter KDCC competitions using PhotoEntry

To start using PhotoEntry:
You will get an email to say you have been registered in the KDCC PhotoEntry system.
This email will give you a link to login for the first time with your user id (your name in lower case) and a temporary password. Follow the instructions.

Prepare your image for the competition:
- Size your competition image to either 1600px wide or 1200px high, making sure that neither dimension is exceeded. Thus landscape-oriented images must be no more than 1600 pixels wide, portrait-oriented images must be no more than 1200 pixels high and square images must be a maximum of 1200 x 1200 pixels.
- In the Properties or File Information (aka metadata) make sure you have put in the Title and Author Name. No member number is now needed.
- Profile should be sRGB for best projection, but Adobe RGB will be accepted.
- Save your image file with the Image Title only, no member number or other info

To enter a competition using PhotoEntry: go to their website
1 Login and click on the competition group in Main Menu, e.g. Open Competitions
2 Choose the competition to enter, e.g. 4th Open Colour Prints
3 Click on Add New Entry below the information about the competition
4 Type in Entry Title
5 Ignore the other options and click Add This Entry
6 Click Choose JPEG
7 Find the image file on your PC and Open
8 Click Upload Image
9 If it is not sized correctly it will not be accepted and will ask you to re-size and try again. Most common error is for height to be more than 1200px on a slightly landscape image.
10 After upload it may say Colour Profile incorrect. You may ignore this or delete the entry, change it to sRGB and re-enter.
11 Repeat steps 3 - 8 for 2nd or subsequent entries in the same competition, otherwise repeat from step 2
12 Bring prints to the meeting as usual.

Finally, email the club's email address to identify your reserve images for the competition.

Reserve images: In order to control the number of entries per competition, we are asking members to identify reserve images which may be removed by the Competition Secretary if the number of entries exceeds 70-75.
- For competitions allowing a total of more than 3 entries per member (e.g. British Wildlife, all Opens), members who enter more than 3 images are asked to identify image numbers 4, 5 and 6 to become reserves.
- Images will be withdrawn starting with image 6 for all members until 75 or fewer is reached.
- Members may choose reserves from several different classes, so reserves can be a mix of prints and DPIs in Opens or Flora/Fauna in Wildlife.
- If no email is received identifying Reserve images, the Competition Secretary will make the decision which to withdraw, if no contact can be made with the member in time.