Programme 2020-21

Because of COVID-19, we will not be holding face-to-face meetings for the time being, and speakers will deliver presentations via Zoom. Meeting dates are Thursdays unless specified otherwise, at 19.45 for zoom evenings.
3 Dec: Photo Challenge: share photo shoot images (Mattiscombe Sands and Autumn). Up to 3 images to be uploaded to PhotoEntry for each of the 2 themes by midnight Mon 1 Dec – and then be prepared to talk about your images at the meeting.
Also – we will be discussing our new project challenge: “2021: Learn Something New; Try Something New”.

10 Dec: 2020 Langford Lecture: Huw Alban, “That’s not a landscape photograph!” See website and Huw’s YouTube channel here

17 Dec: Workshop/Photo Challenge:: an opportunity to follow up some of the ideas raised earlier this season, to learn from others in the Club and to practise new skills. To include: Christmas Card competition; sharing the outcomes from Steve Brabner’s Challenge; and making our pledges for the “2021: Learn
Something New; Try Something New” project. Images to be uploaded to PhotoEntry by midnight Mon 14 Dec: 1 per member for the Christmas Card Competition and up to 2 per member for Steve Brabner’s Challenge.

24 & 31 Dec: No Meeting – Christmas / New Year break

7 Jan: Janey Lazenby, “Working with Textures”. See
Entry deadline for 3rd Open Competition

14 Jan: Photo Shoot: Members to make their own arrangements to shoot at the Barbican, Plymouth, one day this week. No Thursday meeting.

21 Jan: Glenys Garnett, “Get Creative.”: The first of 2 Zoom talks from Glenys in 2021, this evening will provide an introduction to her work, techniques and images. Website:

28 Jan: 3rd Open Competition.

4 Feb: Glenys Garnett, “Get Creative.” The second of Glenys’s two Zoom talks in 2021.

11 Feb: Photo Challenge: “A Closer Look” (including macro). Also share images from the Barbican Photo Shoot.
Images to be submitted via PhotoEntry by midnight Mon 8 Feb: up to 2 per person per theme.

18 Feb Post-processing exercise: 6 images will be sent out in advance of the meeting for members to use as the basis for creative post-processing, using
any appropriate software (eg Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements, Snapseed, Affinity, Apple…) Select any 2 images to work on, and we will compare and
critique the outcomes at the meeting.

25 Feb Creative tips: a number of members will share further tips for the creative capture and processing of images.
Entry deadline for British Wildlife Competition.

4 Mar Paul Naylor, “Marine Wildlife”. website

11 Mar British Wildlife Competition.

18 Mar Club presentation: A “Show and Tell” evening of “creative” images, with members talking about the thought processes as well as the technical
processes behind the images they have created. JPEGs to be uploaded to PhotoEntry by midnight Mon 15 Mar (number of images tbc).

25 Mar: Paul Mitchell, “Confessions of a Landscape Photographer”. See Entry deadline for 4th Open Competition (tbc)

MONDAY 29 Mar: Paignton Battle – an external judge will assess PDI images submitted by Paignton Photographic Club and by KDCC, without knowing
which Club the photographers belong to. Highest score wins. (Paignton host this year: no KDCC meeting on 1 April.)

8 Apr No Meeting - Easter break.

15 Apr: Hoping to meet! Keeping options open for now in case of chance to get together for a Photo Shoot and/or a Social such as afternoon tea.

22 Apr: 4th Open Competition

29 Apr AGM, with sharing of members’ images: Personal Favourites of the Year (and images from any other recent Photo Shoots). Images to be uploaded to PhotoEntry by midnight Mon 26 Apr (numbers tbc).

6 May: Extra meeting to share the outcomes of our “2021: Learn Something New; Try Something New” projects.