Competition Results

Results 2023/24 - 3rd Open

25th January 2024. Judge: Maria Leekblade (via Zoom)

Colour PDIs

Gold: Approaching Shower on Harris - James Day
Gold: Friends - Gill Matthews
Gold: Running for the Point - Ginny Campbell
Silver: Respite from the Rain - Richard Curzon
Silver: Music makes me Happy - Ginny Campbell
Bronze: Bow to tmy Master - Stuart Barnes
Bronze: Frozen Retreat - Jo Roberts
HC: The Prisoners of Santa Maria Maior - Lisa Large
HC: Chapel in Peniche at Sunset - Lisa Large
C: Impressionist Bluebell Wood - Stuart Barnes
C: Dipper Illuminated - David Shawe
C: The Night after the Storm - Jo Roberts

Mono PDIs

Gold: Run Down - Richard Curzon
Gold: Cabbages - Gill Matthews
Gold: Breakfast Time - Julia Kelland
Silver: Immersed in Music - Brett Hornby
Silver: Dark Waters - Lisa Large
Silver: Breaking through the Ice - Jo Roberts
Bronze: Bleak House - David Shawe
Bronze: Coffee Bar - Malcolm Lee
HC: The Darwin Centre - Fran Leonard
HC: Three Lamps - Malcolm Lee
C: Bridges - Mike Wynne-Powell
C: Flying with Light - Mike Wynne-Powell
C: Fresian Horse - Lisa Large