Competition Results
Results for 1st Open 2018/19

Results 2018/19 - 1st Open

9th October 2018, Judge: Kay Wilson

Monochrome Prints

Gold: Big Wheel - Jim Brown
Gold: Mars, Milky Way and Meteor - Ginny Campbell
Gold: Santorini - Michael Grover
Silver: Into the Mist - Ginny Campbell
Bronze: Roz Harding - Brett Hornby
Commended: Paddle Boarders - Mike Wynne-Powell

Colour Prints

Gold: White Tulip - Brett Hornby
Silver: Nash Point Lighthouse - Jim Brown
Silver: Milky Way over Start Bay - David Shawe
Silver: Waiting – Malcolm Lee
Silver: Hartland Quay – David Shawe
Bronze: Abandoned Locomotive - Roger Finbow
Bronze: Time for a Chat! - Jim Brown
Highly Commended: County Cork Coastline - Kate Barnett

Digital Images

Gold: Blizzard - Nick Shepherd
Silver: Galactic Centre of the Milky Way - Ginny Campbell
Silver: Flowers and Brass - Brett Hornby
Silver: Seeing the Light - Marguerite Pritchard
Silver: Sunset, Halong Bay - Kate Barnett
Bronze: Bantham Blues - David Shawe
Bronze: No Chance! - Roger Finbow
Bronze: Calling a Spade a Spade - David Shawe
Highly Commended: Melnik Pyramids, Bulgaria – Jan Finbow
Highly Commended: Pirin, Bulgaria – Jan Finbow
Commended: Just Chilling Out – Alice Henderson
Commended: Apples – Gill Matthews