Competition Results

Results 2021/22 - 4th Open

14th April 2022, Judge: Dave Bridges

Colour Prints

Gold: Forgotten, Julie Morgan
Gold: Sunset and Surf, Kate Barnett
Gold: Inn and Gin, David Shawe
Silver: Ayrmer Cove Sunset, Andy Morgan
Silver: Medieval Doorway, Borgund, Kate Barnett
Bronze: A Good Book, Richard Curzon
Bronze: Rough Seas at Sunset, Andy Morgan
Bronze: Out of the Darkness, Stuart Barnes

Mono Prints

Gold: No Swimming!, Richard Curzon
Gold: Junction, Michael Grover
Gold: Skyescape, David Shawe
Silver: Arches and pillars, David Shawe
Silver: Crowded House, Richard Curzon
Bronze: Kingsbridge Through the Inky Blackness of Night, Malcolm Lee
Bronze: Following a Shadow, Michael Grover
Bronze: Winter Seas, Andy Morgan
Bronze: How Many Windows, Mike Wynne-Powell


Gold: Trumpeters, Gill Matthews
Gold: White Jug and Books, Gill Matthews
Gold: Heading Home, Stuart Barnes
Gold: Snowdrops, Sue Bishop
Gold: Rust and Reflections, Sue Bishop
Silver: Kintail Ridges, David Shawe
Silver: Start Point, Nick Shepherd
Silver: Derelict Chapel, Michael Grover
Silver: Driftwood Beacon, James Day
Silver: Coastpath, Kate Barnett
Bronze: Teapot Number Nine, Brett Hornby
Bronze: Estuary Mist, Malcolm Lee
Bronze: Dartmoor Ponies, Andy Morgan
Bronze: Start Point Sunrise, Richard Curzon
Bronze: Waiting for Wind, Ginny Campbell
Bronze: Hummingbird Hawkmoth 2, Mike Wynne-Powell
Bronze: Dartmoor Pony Portrait, Julia Kelland
Bronze: The Fallen, James Day
Bronze: Harvest, Michael Grover