Competition Results
Results for 4th Open 2017/18

Results 2017/18 - 4th Open

26th April 2018, Judge: Alan Davey

Monochrome Prints

Gold: Seagull on lamps, Malcolm Lee
Silver: Simon Drew, Jim Brown
Silver: Incoming and outgoing waves, Nick Shepherd
Bronze: Moored Up, Jim Brown
HC: Halong Bay, Vietnam, Kate Barnett
HC: Forest Walk, Belever, Ginny Campbell
C: Colmers Hill East, Morwenna Mullen

Colour Prints

Gold: Cairngorm Autumn Frost, David Shawe
Gold: Summer's Evening at Godrevey, Nick Shepherd
Silver: Cool Blues (Bolivian Salt Flats), Kate Barnett
Silver: Winter Forest, Ginny Campbell
Bronze: Waveforms, Malcolm Lee
Bronze: Wheelbarrow Tracks, Mike Wynne Powell
Bronze: Early Morning on the Grand Canal, Roger Finbow
HC: Rupert on the road in Co Antrim, Kate Barnett
C: Boat Shed and Boats, Sally Boon

Digital Images

Gold: Sheltering, Mike Wynne-Powell
Gold: Dawn from Sharptor, Rod Birtles
Silver: To Have and To Have Not, David Ellis
Silver: Blue Hour, Nick Shepherd
Silver: The Dart at Hembury Woods, Marguerite Pritchard
Silver: Old Friends, Jim Brown
Bronze: Horizon, Michael Grover
Bronze: Stairway to Heaven, Michael Grover
HC: Michaelmas Daisy, John Roberts
HC: Rings and Things, Brett Hornby
HC: Alternative view of Ringmore, Mike Wynne-Powell
C: Rock and Water, Ginny Campbell
C: Rock and Waves, Malcolm Lee