Competition Results
Results for 4th Open 2018/19

Results 2018/19 - 4th Open

11th April 2019, Judges: Frank Prowse & Ian Clements

Monochrome Prints, judged by Frank

Gold: Beesands Steps - Rod Birtles
Gold: Prince Hall Avenue - David Shawe
Silver: Teignmouth Pier - Sally Boon
Bronze: Nash Point, Glamorgan - David Shawe
Bronze: Dartmoor Above Dunnabridge - Marguerite Pritchard
HC: Onlookers - Marguerite Pritchard
HC: Sentinel Tree by Sweltor - Kate Barnett
C: The Watcher - Richard Curzon
C: Night Lights - Ginny Campbell

Best Monochrome Print choices from Ian:
Gold: Beesands Steps - Rod Birtles
Silver: Nash Point - David Shawe
Bronze: End of the Road - Ginny Campbell

Colour Prints, judged by Frank

Gold: Foggintor At Sunset - Kate Barnett
Silver: Illumination - David Shawe
Silver: Grey Horse Grazing - Marguerite Pritchard
Bronze: Spanish Beggar - Jim Brown
Bronze: Village Street by Lake Garda - Jim Brown
HC: River Fowey at Draynes Wood - Sally Boon
HC: Clinging On - David Shawe
C: The Garden at Stourhead - Kate Barnett
C: Lonely Bay - Rod Birtles
C: Choir Practice - Mike Wynne-Powell

Best Colour Print choices from Ian:
Gold : Illumination - David Shawe
Silver: Desert Patterns - Ginny Campbell
Bronze: Lonely Bay - Rod Birtles
Bronze: Choir Practice - Mike Wynne-Powell

DPIs, judged by Ian

Gold: African Sunset - Ginny Campbell
Silver: A Side of Beef - Richard Curzon
Bronze: Sundial at Tower Bridge - James Day
Bronze: Venice in the Rain - Jim Brown
HC: St Clements, Hope Cove at Sunset - Malcolm Lee
HC: I Really am enjoying This - Mike Wynne-Powell
C: Sunrise On The Grand Canal - Marguerite Pritchard
C: Just Before Midday - Kate Barnett
C: Torcross Chimneys - David Shawe
C: Haybales at the Daymark - Ginny Campbell

Best DPI choices from Frank:
Gold: Sundial at Tower Bridge - James Day
Silver: Coughton Court - Roger Finbow
Bronze: Morning Mist on Dartmoor - Helen Hardwick