Competition Results

Results 2019/20 - 4th Open

Results for 4th Open 2019/20
23rd April 2020, Judge: Sue Bishop


Gold: Well Hello!, Helen Hardwicke
Gold: The Young Master, Brett Hornby
Silver: Hot Pot, Brett Hornby
Silver: Worn Out, Ginny Campbell
Silver: Red car(s), Malcolm Lee
Bronze: Stingray Bay, Kate Barnett
Bronze: Repose!, Jim Brown
Bronze: Not the Primrose Line, James Day
HC: A quick exit from Marks, Malcolm Lee
C: What did he say!, Jim Brown


Gold: Heading Home, David Shawe
Gold: Social Distancing, David Shawe
Silver: Mind the gap, Rod Birtles
Silver: Beaten down by the weather, Ginny Campbell
Silver: Grapes and wine, Brett Hornby
Bronze: Jetty, Lake Rotoiti, Kate Barnett
Bronze: Flying Scotsman, Michael Grover
Bronze: Dartmoor Falls, James Day
HC: Trees and texture, Richard Curzon
C: Emsworthy Barn Winter, Julia Kelland