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Preparing Digital Files for Competition


Updated Sept. 2017

1. Colour Space = sRGB
2. Image Size = 1600 pixels horizontally; maximum 1200 pixels vertically
3. File Format = jpeg (recommended compression 12 for best quality but as this can produce unnecessarily large files for emailing to Brett, 9 or 10 should be sufficient )
4. Contain Image Title & Author’s club membership number (not name) in file information fields

For the avoidance of doubt, DPI/PPI resolution has no relevance; if members wish to set a resolution, set at your own discretion.

Colour Space, Image Size, Title & Author Number may be set in Photoshop Elements as follows:

Colour Space: To convert from your working colour space to sRGB go to
• Image
• Convert Colour Profile
• Convert to sRGB Profile

Image resize screen

Image Size: to resize go to
• Image
• Resize
• Image Size
• Tick “Constrain Proportions” & “Resample Image” boxes
• In “Pixel Dimension” box, if image is landscape format set width to 1600px (but height should not exceed 1200px) or if image is portrait format set height to 1200px. Square images should be 1200 x 1200 pixels
• You do not need to amend the “Resolution” box under “Document Size” but may do so at your own discretion
• Click "OK"

Image Title: to insert title go to
• File
• File Info
• Select 'Description' tab and in “Document Title” box insert your image title & nothing else
• In next box down, ”Author”, enter your membership number
• Leave all remaining boxes blank
• Click “OK”
• Finally, save your image as a jpeg file!

Image Title (alternative method): if you forget to do the above
• Highlight the jpeg image in Windows Explorer
• Right click and select Properties
• Click on the third tab called Details
• Enter Title and Author information, as above, and click the Apply button
• Click "OK"