Competition Results
Results for 2nd Open 2019/20

Results 2019/20 - 2nd open

28th November 2019, Judge: Barry Holmes, FRPS

Mono Prints

Gold: Limestone pavement, Peter Paisley
Silver: Girl Datoga tribe, Peter Paisley
Bronze: Grey day, Kate Barnett
HC: The Shard, Ginny Campbell
HC: Marian and Joely, Michael Grover

Colour Prints

Gold: White with Aubergine, Brett Hornby
Silver: Lofoten fishing huts, Reine, Kate Barnett
Silver:Riding up and out, Ginny Campbell
Bronze: Marsh Harrier with prey, Ginny Campbell
HC: We are enjoying this!, Mike Wynne-Powell
HC: Autumn in the Rhodopi Mountains 1, Marguerite Pritchard
HC: Before the sun, Richard Curzon


Gold: Spirit Rose, Brett Hornby
Silver: Nut Salad, David Shawe
Silver: Keeping watch, Richard Curzon
Silver: Preparing for winter, Rhodopi mountains, Marguerite Pritchard
Silver: Pepper Red-25, Brett Hornby
Bronze: Harvest Mice greeting, Peter Paisley
Bronze: Lost Italian Pool, Jan Finbow
Bronze: Monarch Butterfly feeding, Roger Finbow
Bronze: They're behind you, Jim Brown
Bronze: Dandelions in wheatfield, Malcolm Lee
HC: Beach deltas, James Day
HC: Liliana aged 98, Marguerite Pritchard
HC: Flower Show, Kate Barnett
HC: Wildebeest pan, Peter Paisley