Competition Results

Results 2020/21 - 2nd open

12th November 2020, Judge: Sue Bishop

Colour PDIs

Gold: Flowing, Ginny Campbell
Silver: Glory of the Ocean, Richard Curzon
Silver: Fungi, Kate Barnett
Silver: Sunset Rocks, James Day
Bronze: Dappled Light, Jan Finbow
Bronze: Glencoe Winter, David Shawe
Bronze: Just visiting, Nick Shepherd
Bronze:: Fallen Fall, David Shawe
HC: Derwentwater, Andrew Morgan
HC: Autumn is here, Helen Hardwicke
C: Woodland Flowers, Andrew Morgan
C: Red Rebels, Michael Grover

Mono PDIs

Gold: Phone Girl, James Day
Silver: The path to Enlightenment, James Day
Silver: Backlit Magnolia, Kate Barnett
Silver: Wandering Home, Nick Shepherd
Bronze: Through the Window, Ginny Campbell
Bronze: Arran Beachscape, David Shawe
Bronze: Tide waits for no man, Chris Peach
Bronze: Fortune Favours the Brave, Richard Curzon
HC: In flight, Michael Grover
C: Misty mirror, Helen Hardwicke