Competition Results
Results for 2nd Open 2018/19

Results 2018/19 - 2nd open

6th December 2018, Judge: Ken Holland

Monochrome Prints

Gold: Sally Boon, Channel to the Sea, Bantham
Gold: Brett Hornby, I See You
Silver: David Shawe, Sandy Mouth
Silver:Peter Paisley, Priest, Lalibela
Bronze: Peter Paisley, Baboon
HC: Morwenna Mullen, Off Key
C: Jim Spooner, The Snug

Colour Prints

Gold: Marguerite Pritchard, On the Move
Gold: David Shawe, Blue and Gold Hour
Gold: Mike Wynne-Powell, Tyne Cot Cemetery
Silver: Peter Paisley, Cheetah with Prey
Bronze: Reflections II, Michael Grover
HC: Kate Barnett, Misty Morning Crockern Tor
C: Marguerite Pritchard, Spiral Staircase
C: David Shawe, Autumn Fire, Montenegro


Gold: Brett Hornby, The Secret of the Green Pot
Gold: What’s Going On?, Sue Fildes
Gold: David Shawe, Storm Brewing over St Michael’s Mount
Silver: Ginny Campbell, The Bathroom
Silver: Jan Finbow, Contemplation
Silver: John Hales, 2 Boxes 1 Sun
Bronze: Mike Wynne-Powell, Amazing Reflection
Bronze: Rod Birtles, Bow Deck
Bronze: Gill Matthews, Winding Lane to Farm
Bronze: Jim Brown, Umbrella Malfunction
HC: Richard Curzon, Hope
HC: Kate Barnett, Catching Supper
C: David Vincent, Great Hair Day
C: Chris McIntosh, Bay of Laig looking towards Rum
C: Michael Grover, Leaf on Leaf