Competition Results

Results 2020/21 - 3rd Open

28th January 2021, Judge: Gordon Aspland

Colour PDIs

Gold: Fly Agaric - Kate Barnett
Gold: The Barn - Sue Bishop
Silver: Squared Circles Panel - Mike Wynne-Powell
Silver: Mustapha's Lamb II - Marguerite Pritchard
Silver: Power, grace and beauty - Nick Shepherd
Bronze: Alstroemeria - Sue Bishop
Bronze: Frosty Road - Gill Matthews
Bronze: Still Life with Narcissi - Gill Matthews
Bronze: Entwined Trees - Sally Boon
HC: Reaching for the stars - David Shawe
HC: Dawn of the New Year 2021 - Ginny Campbell
HC: Shall we stay or shall we run - Sally Boon
HC: Dawn New Year's Day 2021 - Chris Peach

Mono PDIs

Gold: Slapton Sands - Andrew Morgan
Gold: Emsworthy Barn - Nick Shepherd
Silver: Portrait of a Shopkeeper - Kate Barnett
Silver: Kintail mountainscape - David Shawe
Silver: Misty Oaks - Richard Curzon
Bronze: Three - Michael Grover
Bronze: Farmer's office - Nick Shepherd
Bronze: Winter Grazing - Ginny Campbell
HC: Greater depth - Richard Curzon
HC: Bailey Boy - Anne Rogerson